The Impact of Technology-Based Self-Service on Airline Passengers

Ron de Groot


The provision of service in many industries is affected by the introduction of Self-Service Technology, none more so than in the airline industry. Many of the traditional service encounters have been changed from a position of consumers directly interacting with front-line service employees, to an encounter between consumers and a technology-based self-service (TBSS) facility.

The purpose of this research is to contribute to understanding the impact on airline passengers of this ever-increasing use of TBSS by airline companies from the point of sale through to the flight booking and check-in processes. The objectives of the research are to examine the principal factors affecting adoption or rejection of TBSS. To determine the effects on customer satisfaction as a result of reduced personal interaction due to the use of TBSS. To make a comparison of the use of TBSS in airlines compared with other industries and examine passenger preference on the use of the Internet versus airport kiosks for flight check-in. The results of the research were based on reviews of literature relating to the objectives. The literature included academic journals, industry journals, masters and doctorate theses, aviation industry surveys and reports.

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